This page collects the listings of Olivia's main albums where new material appeared first, along with key soundtracks, the most notable greatest hits albums and live albums.

Olivia's musical career began in earnest when her 1971 album Olivia Newton-John released on Pye in England. This was issued with minor variations as If Not For You in America. International superstardom came when the American listening public took her to their hearts with the song If Not For You in 1971. There are differences between early US and international releases which can be confusing for collectors and fans alike since the same title is not necessarily the same album, but after 1974 Olivia's solo album releases in the English-speaking world all have the same titles and nearly all the same tracks. Not all of Olivia's early work has been issued in the US - this discography shows the UK/Aus/international releases. Many of the albums have been re-released over the years - the date of first release is shown. The reissues reflect the phenomenal popularity of the mid 70s to early 80s releases, and Olivia's more than thirty year career spans the transition from the 12" vinyl LP to the 5" compact disc in the mid 1980s. Soul Kiss was the first album originally released on both vinyl and CD, and Back to Basics was the last one originally released on both formats.

The first US albums were

1971 If Not For You
1973 Let Me Be There
1974 If You Love Me Let Me Know

International releases:

1970 Toomorrow (OST)
1971 Olivia Newton-John(UK)/If Not For You (Aus)
1972 Olivia
1973 Music Makes My Day (UK)/Let Me Be There (Aus)
1974 Long Live Love
1975 Have You Never Been Mellow
1975 Clearly Love
1976 Come On Over
1976 Don’t Stop Believin’
1977 Making a Good Thing Better
1978 Greatest Hits
1978 Totally Hot
1978 Grease (OST)
1980 Xanadu (OST)
1981 Love Performance (live in Japan)
1981 Physical
1982 Greatest Hits 2
1983 Two Of A Kind (OST)
1985 Soul Kiss
1988 The Rumour
1989 Warm And Tender
1992 Back To Basics
1994 Gaia
1995 Heathcliff (Cliff Richard LP with 5 ONJ duets)
1998 Back With A Heart
1998 The Main Event (Concert album of Australian tour feat ONJ and 2 Australian singers. Reissued in 2001)
1999 One Woman's Live Journey (Live CD of performances from Olivia's 1999 tour. Released as audio DVD 2001)
2000 Christmas CD (Hallmark CD with Vince Gill)
2001 Sordid Lives (soundtrack with other artists)
2001 Christmas Collection
2002 "2" (duet album)
2003 Grease (re-release with bonus disc)
2004 Indigo
2005 Stronger Than Before
2006 Grace and Gratitude
2007 Christmas Wish
2008 Olivia's Live Hits
2008 A Celebration In Song
2010 Grace and Gratitude - renewed
2011 Portraits (US edition of Indigo)
2012 Gaia (US rerelease of the 1994 album Gaia)
2012 A Few Best Men (OST)
2014 Hotel Sessions (EP)
2015 Summer Nights (Live at Las Vegas)

This is not a definitive discography of all albums, these are the original albums on which Olivia's work first appeared. There are many subsequent compilations which are listed separately and guest appearances on other artists' albums


This listing links Olivia's songs to the albums they first appeared on