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The 11 track album features covers of songs sung or written by women. All the songs have a special meaning to Olivia and this is all mentioned in the liner notes. This was released in Australia in October 2004, in the UK April 2005 and in Japan in March 2006.. The first print of the CDs in Australia were a limited edition DIGI PAK version (cardboard fold out)

Australian icon Olivia Newton-John has teamed with legendary producer Phil Ramone to record 'Indigo - Women Of Song', an album of songs by women Olivia has admired and been influenced by over the years. The album includes songs originally made famous by Karen Carpenter, Minnie Ripperton, Nina Simone, Joan Baez and Cilla Black. "It was a wonderful experience singing songs that have meant so much to me, that were sung by women I have admired and who have influenced me and my taste in music," says Olivia.

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Japanese issue

The album was recorded in three weeks at the world famous Indigo Ranch Recording Studio in the mountains above Malibu. A former mountain hideaway for John Barrymore (Drew's granddad), it has been the home for recording sessions of some of the industry's biggest names since the 70s (Olivia's multi-platinum album Totally Hot was mixed there in 1977). According to Olivia, the simplicity of the natural environment provided a perfect place to sing. "The songs just flowed out requiring very few takes," she recalls. "I loved recording there."

Olivia named the album 'Indigo' after the globally recognised idea that Indigo is a spiritual, feminine colour. It is also rumoured to be associated with the so-called Third Eye, a major energy chakra and helpful in developing the higher senses and a feeling of oneness with God and the Universe. Some have reported it to be the colour of the new decade in terms of the spiritual evolution of humanity - this last theory is something Olivia stumbled upon after she named the album.

This was released by Green Hill in the US seven years after the Australian original issue as Portraits, with a slightly different running order.


  1. Love Me Or Leave Me
  2. How Insensitive
  3. How Glad I Am
  4. Anyone Who Had A Heart
  5. Where Have All The Flowers Gone
  6. Cry Me A River
  7. Summertime
  8. Send In The clowns
  9. Rainy Days And Monday
  10. Lovin You
  11. Alfie

Original Release

  • Format: CD
  • Date: 2004
  • Country: Australia
  • Label: Festival (Mushroom)
  • Catalog: 338342

Other Releases

  • Format: CD
  • Date: 2011
  • Country: USA
  • Label: Green Hill
  • Catalog: GHD5795
  • Format: CD
  • Date: 2005
  • Country: UK
  • Label: Universal
  • Catalog: 987 090-6
  • Format: CD
  • Date: 2006
  • Country: Japan
  • Label: Universal
  • Catalog: UICY-1334
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