Grace and Gratitude Renewed cover Grace and Gratitude Renewed inside cover with nice history of the CD by Olivia Grace and Gratitude Renewed back cover

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This new version of Olivia's lovely 2006 concept album Grace and Gratitude was released on Green Hill Music with some new tracks and variations on the theme of the original.

It includes duets with Mark Masri, Amy Sky and Marc Jordan.

There's a lovely little history of how Olivia came to do this album and sing some of the songs again on the inside cover.

Green Hill also managed to get the track names to appear in a CD-TEXT enabled player which is a nice touch that the majors often miss

The CD was produced by Amy Sky. Olivia has worked in the past with Amy. Amy co-wrote the haunting Winter Angel and other songs for Olivia's 1988 Rumour CD. Most recently they worked together for the Stronger Than Before CD, as well as the original version of Grace and Gratitude.


  1. Shekhinah (instr)
  2. Pearls on a Chain
  3. Yesod (instr)
  4. To Be Wanted featuring Mark Masri
  5. Hod (instr)
  6. Learn To Love Yourself
  7. Nezah (instr)
  8. Grace And Gratitude
  9. Tiferet (instr)
  10. Love is Letting Go Of Fear
  11. Hesed-gevurah (instr)
  12. Gate Gate
  13. Tala al badru alayna (instr)
  14. Let Go Let God
  15. Binah (instr)
  16. I Will Lift Up My Eyes featuring Amy Sky
  17. Todah featuring David Darling
  18. Help Me To Heal
  19. Hochmah (instr)
  20. The Power Of Now
  21. Keter (instr)
  22. Instrument of Peace featuring Marc Jordan

Original Release

  • Format: CD
  • Date: 14 Sept 2010
  • Country: USA
  • Label: Green Hill
  • Catalog: 792755575925
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