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A delightful and inspiring new direction for Olivia; unusually for Olivia Grace and Gratitude is a concept album, based on a meditative progression through the seven major chakras - energy centres in eastern philosophies. The ten songs are woven together with instrumental interludes to create an unbroken cycle of music. It's an engaging album and a real jewel, with Olivia's voice in great form and a lovely inner detail to the songs and production.

This was originally released in Walgreens Stores in America at the end of September 2006.

It launched Olivia's signature line of body, heart and spirit wellness products for women.

Grace and Gratitude was recorded in Toronto, Canada with Amy Sky who also produced and co-wrote the CD. Olivia has worked in the past with Amy. Amy co-wrote the haunting Winter Angel and other songs for Olivia's 1988 Rumour CD. Most recently they worked together for the Stronger Than Before CD.

The album got even better when it was re-issued in 2010 as Grace and Gratitude Renewed with an extra track "Help Me To Heal", Olivia sang some of the tracks anew and a couple of the songs were reworked as duets. Olivia was in a better place in her personal life then.

Thanks to B.Carr for the lovely summary of the concept.

First released as a digipak version (all in-one paper foldaround cover with plastic insert to hold the CD) which is pictured here, later it was a regular CD jewel case issue.

The German edition had a different cover and included a bonus CD, which had two tracks - a dance style version of Physical and Magic


  1. Shekhinah (instr)
  2. Pearls on a Chain
  3. Yesod (instr)
  4. To Be Wanted
  5. Hod (instr)
  6. Learn To Love Yourself
  7. Nezah (instr)
  8. Grace And Gratitude
  9. Tiferet (instr)
  10. Love is Letting Go Of Fear
  11. Hesed-gevurah (instr)
  12. Gate Gate
  13. Tala al badru alayna (instr)
  14. Let Go Let God
  15. Binah (instr)
  16. I Will Lift Up My Eyes
  17. Hochmah (instr)
  18. The Power Of Now
  19. Keter (instr)
  20. Instrument of Peace

Original Release

  • Format: CD
  • Date: 2006
  • Country: USA
  • Label: ONJ Productions Inc
  • Catalog: 93329-8894148

Other Releases

  • Format: CD
  • Date: 2010
  • Country: Germany
  • Label: EQ
  • Catalog: EQ2010-05
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