Fans from the United States get a rather different picture of Olivia's early work from everyone else. Thanks to Ron from Athens for summarising these differences on the soulkiss mailing list. You definitely got a better selection outside the United States :-)

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If Not For You

Let Me Be There

If You Love Me (LMK)

If Not For You



Long Live Love


Angel Eyes             X
Angel Of The Morning   X       X  
Banks of the Ohio X X   X      
Behind That Locked Door           X  
Being on the Losing End         X    
Brotherly Love         X    
Changes     X     X  
Country Girl     X       X
Everything I Own           X  
Feeling Best         X    
Free The People     X       X
God Only Knows     X       X
Hands Across The Sea             X
Heartbreaker         X    
Help me make it X X   X      
Home ain't home anymore     X       X
I Honestly Love You     X       X
I will Touch You           X  
If X X   X      
If I could read your mind X X   X      
If I gotta leave X     X      
If not for you X X   X      
If we only have love           X  
If we try         X    
If you love me (lmk)     X        
I'm a small and lonely light           X  
In a station X     X      
Just a little too much   X       X  
Leaving         X    
Let me be there   X     X    
Living in harmony           X  
Long live love             X
Love song X X   X      
Loving you ain't easy             X
Lullaby X     X      
Mary Skeffington     X     X  
Me and Bobby McGee X     X      
Music makes my day         X    
My old man's got a gun           X  
No regrets X     X      
Rosewater         X    
Someday             X
Take me home country roads   X     X    
The river's too wide     X       X
What is life           X  
Where are you going to my love?       X      
Why don't you write me           X  
Winterwood           X  
You ain't got the right     X   X