"Toughen Up dance remix" b/w "Toughen Up instrumental remix"

12" 33 1/3 rpm single

US, 1986, MCA MCA23606

Toughen Up/Driving Music

USA, MCA 1985/1986

From Soul Kiss album

Thanks to Marion Schanowski

Side 1 Toughen Up
Side 2 Driving Music

Holland, 1985, Mercury 884 461-7

From Soul Kiss album

Thanks to Michael Koevoets

Emotional Tangle front
Emotional Tangle back

Side 1 Emotional Tangle
Side 2 Queen Of The Publication
Promotional 7" single

Holland, 1985, Mercury 884 634-7

From Soul Kiss album

Thanks to Kay Bohlen

A new label - a new look, a new sound...

"Soul Kiss" b/w "Electric"

UK, 1985, Mercury, MER 210

From Soul Kiss album (Electric can only be found on the European and Japanese CD album releases)

"Soul Kiss extended Dance Mix," b/w "Soul Kiss, Dub Mix","Soul Kiss, Instrumental Mix"

12" 33 1/3 rpm single

US, 1985, MCA, MCA -23593

12" Soul Kiss (extended remix version)/Soul Kiss (Dub mix)/Electric

Germany, 1985 Mercury/Phonogram

Thanks to Marion Schanowski

Guest appearance on David Foster's eponymous album, "The Best Of Me" b/w "Saje" (B side David Foster only)

UK, 1986, Atlantic, A9420

"Winter Angel" never appeared on the album or CD despite being a great song...

"The Rumour" b/w "Winter Angel"

UK, 1988, Mercury, MER 272 (45 rpm 7")

UK CD single (same cover) MER 870 506-2 with extra third track "The Rumour 12" extended mix"

From The Rumour album

Winter Angel can be found on Down Under video

Promo CD single USA,1988, MCA CD 45-17594

1 The Rumour remix edit
2 The Rumour 12" remix extended version
3 The Rumour original LP version

Thanks to Michael Koevoets and Frederic Brillouet

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CD single, Germany 1988, Mercury 870 506-2

1 The Rumour
2 Winter Angel
3 The Rumour 12"extended mix

Thanks to Miranda Storm

12"single vinyl USA, 1988 MCA-23890

Side 1 The Rumour 12"extended mix The rumour 7"mix
Side 2 The Rumour 12"dub The Rumour instrumental

Thanks to Michael Koevoets

"It's Alway Australia For Me" b/w "It's Always Australia For Me (instr.) + Emotional Tangle"

Australia, 1988, Festival K 503 Limited Edition

From the Australian The Rumour album only

"Can't We Talk It Over in Bed"

Australia, 1988, Festival

From The Rumour album

Promo cassette, "Selections From Warm & Tender"

Reach Out For Me b/w The Twelfth Of Never

US, 1989, Geffen PRO-C-3857

From Warm & Tender album

Thanks to Manon Williams

"When You Wish Upon A Star" b/w "Rocking"

UK, 1989, Mercury, MER 313

(CD single on the right, 45 on the left)

From Warm & Tender album