They do things differently in Japan when it comes to 45 rpm singles. Singles aren't just for the moment - they have all the care and the legendary Japanese quality of production lavished upon them. The sleeve design isn't an afterthought - it is mini-artwork in its own right, often coming as a separate sheet of paper rather than the 'sleeve' that other markets used for 7" singles. This is not an exhaustive collection, though Tropel and David have helped it become more representative.

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Rest Your Love On Me (duet with Andy Gibb) b/w Don't Cry for Me Argentina

Japan, EMI-Japan,

With thanks to Ume

I Can't Help It(duet with Andy Gibb) b/w Someone I Ain't (Andy Gibb only)

Japan 1980, Polydor DWQ 6088

With thanks to Philippe Roumila

Xanadu b/w Whenever You're Away From Me

Japan 1980, CBS/Sony, 07SP488

With thanks to Philippe Roumila

Magic b/w Fool Country

Japan 1980, CBS/Sony, 06SP489

Thanks to Tropel from Japan for photo & information about this record

Suspended In Time b/w You Made Me Love You

Japan 1980, CBS/Sony 07SP 524

With thanks to Ume

Jolene b/w Country Roads

Japan 1981 (reissue from 70s), EMI-Japan EMS-17119

With thanks to Philippe Roumila

Physical b/w The Promise

Japan, EMI-Japan, EMS-17172

thanks to Tropel from Japan for photo & information about this record

"Make A Move On Me" b/w "Falling"

Japan,. 1981, EMI-Japan, EMS-17212

Heart Attack b/w Stranger's Touch

Japan, 1982 EMI-Japan EMS 17275

With thanks to Miranda Storm

Twist of Fate,  b/w Jolene (live)

Japan, 1982 EMI-Japan EMS 17410

Thanks to Miranda Storm

Twist of Fate (extended version) b/w Twist of Fate & Silvery Rain

Maxi-Single Japan (12"), 1982 EMI-Japan 27013

Thanks to Miranda Storm and Melissa Jenoff

Take A Chance,  b/w Silvery Rain

1983 EMI-Japan EMS-17457

Thanks to Miranda Storm

"Livin' In Desperate Times" b/w "Landslide"

Japan, 1982, EMI-Japan, EMS-17440

"Tied Up" b/w "Silvery Rain"

Japan, 1982, EMI-Japan, EMS-17310

Soul Kiss b/w Electric

Japan, 1985, Polystar, D07R-2001

Thanks to Philippe Roumila for info and pictures

Toughen Up b/w Driving Music

Japan, 1985 Polystar, D07R-2005

Thanks to Philippe Roumila for info and pictures

The Best Of Me (with David Foster) b/w Sajé (David Foster only)

Japan, 1986 Atlantic P-2096

With thanks to Miranda Storm

The Rumour/Winter Angel

Japanese CD single Polystar P10C-3001 1988

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Thanks to Frédéric Brillouet

Reach Out For Me b/w When You Wish Upon A Star

Japan,   Mercury PPDS-22 JASRAC 1989

3" CD single

Thanks to Janka Steinfelder

Japan 1989 Mercury SND-1001 Promo - not for sale

Track list: - Warm and Tender - When you wish upon a star - Reach out for me - Message from Olivia

Olivia's message is:

"Hello! This is Olivia Newton-John. My new album "Warm and tender" will soon be available in Japan. And of all the songs that I sing there is also a message of the responsibilities we have to ourselves and our children to value all forms of life. We can and we must help our earth and the environment for the generations to come. We are all part of the same family, we, the trees, the plants and the animals all live under the same sky. So let’s take care of our home. Thank you."

Thanks to Werner Müller

Japanese 3" CD single

Warm and Tender b/w When you wish upon a star

Japan 1990, Mercury, PHDA-1

Thanks to Miranda Storm

"I Need Love (Original Mix)","Warm And Tender"

Japan, 1992, Phonogram PHDR-112

3" CD Single

"Have You Never Been Mellow" c/w "Take Me Home Country Roads", "If Not For You"

Japanese 3" single in snap plastic pack Have You Never Been Mellow was used in a Japanese TV ad just before the time of release of this CD which capitalized on the publicity.

Japan 1998, Toshiba-EMI TODP-2549

I Honestly Love You (1998) b/w Precious Love

Japan, 1998 CD single MCA Nashville MVCE - 9007

Thanks to Janka Steinfelder

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