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Olivia has worked with David Foster several times - he featured on Two Of A Kind. The duet with Olivia from this album was also released as a single and a video produced.
The duet can be found on many later releases of David's including "A Touch of David Foster" and  David's compilation CD Love Songs released in Japan 2002


  1. Love Theme from St Elmo's Fire (instrumental)
  2. Theme from the colour Purple
  3. Flight of the Snowbirds
  4. All the my heart can hold
  5. The Best of Me (duet with Olivia Newton-John)
  6. Tap Dance
  7. Who's Gonna Love You Tonight
  8. Elizabeth
  9. Playing with Fire
  10. Saje

Original Release

  • Format: CD
  • Date: 1986
  • Country: US
  • Label: Atlantic
  • Catalog: 7 81462-2
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