Chatting Olivia up!

Olivia filmed this special for TV to coincide with Australia's Bicentennial celebrations in 1988. She featured songs from her Rumour album along with a couple of other tracks. All the Australian people featured in this are real Australians and not actors.

The Special aired on Australian and US TV and was later released on home video and laserdisc around the world. Here's a special look at this under-rated 1988 extravaganza.


The video begins with Olivia on an airplane with lots of Australian lager louts singing Waltzing Matilda, who after a few beers aren't the smartest! The plane is flying over Australia and Olivia talks about some of the places she'll be taking us during this one hour tour of Australia. They fly over Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and then divert to Hobart

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