Olivia and the crew travel to Coober Pedy, a small community mining opals. The population is just 4,000 yet they mine 90% of the world's opals.

This video's filmed with Coober Pedy's local men and women. Olivia wins against the men at a local gambling game called "2 Up". But, because women aren't usually allowed to play, Olivia first must gather all the women folk and persuade/attack the men so she's allowed to play. There's great imagery of the women marching over the hill armed with "lethal" weapons such as rolling pins and saucepans. Once Olivia is allowed to play she wins. The game is only broken up when the police arrive but not before Olivia has bagged all the money!

screenshot screenshot I've won! let's get those guys screenshot screenshot challenging screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot cashing in screenshot screenshot

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