Gaia - a collector's view

Most of Olivia's albums have been released on large record company labels, and in recent years the consolidation of the industry has reduced the differences between versions of albums released in various countries. This has changed things particularly in Europe, where there was a lot of local autonomy, and as a result the French release of an album or single could have a different label and different artwork from the German and UK releases. 

Gaia was unusual in that it was released by several small independent labels across the world, which of course makes the album more interesting from a collecting point of view :-) Here is a quick tour of the various releases and singles of Gaia. Please note that these are all DELETED - unfortunately we can't help you get any of them :-(

Gaia was released first in Australia by Festival Records Australia. Olivia has been with Festival almost forever in Australia, and she got to #7 in the Australian album charts with Gaia. You can read more about the Australian releases in the Aussie section.

In Europe, Gaia was released by d# in England, and shortly afterwards by Bellaphon in Germany and Red Bullet in Holland (RB 66.104).

The French have also been active with Gaia - read about those releases in our French section.

Gaia (Red Bullet) CD front
Gaia has spawned a number of singles -
Red Bullet's No Matter What You Do CD single (RB 8.312) released in April 1995, was rather innovative in the packaging design. Part of the CD was clear, so it made an attractive effect when the inlay card was viewed through the CD from the back (this CD was packaged in a clear plastic CD sleeve rather than the card sleeve of the other release).
NMWYD Red Bullet front NMWYD back
Don't Cut Me Down (Red Bullet RB 8.343) was packaged in a cardboard sleeve as usual (right and below) Don't Cut Me Down label
DCMD front DCMD - back
RB 8.343 front RB 8.343 back