These items are from a column that ran in the Only Olivia newsletter from 1992 to 2007.

My thanks are due to all those dedicated fans who haunt record fairs and car boot sales who have shared some of their treasures here with us.

Collector's Corner needs jewels - if you have a rarity you'd like to share with us then email me at nospam@ I can't help you get any of this though - I don't have most of it myself! Nearly all of it has been loaned from other fans - Collector's Corner is there to tell fans what's out there, not how to get it. The getting it is down to your skill and expertise :-)

Each topic is a group of items on the same sort of theme - enjoy.

Lost in France : some Gallic collectables to covet. Some of this stuff isn't just rare - it's virtually nonexistent

Picture Perfect - Olivia may not have that many picture discs to her name, but those that do exist are rather special!

Gaia was more collectable because unusually for Olivia's albums it was released on many independent labels.

Had To Be - a Cliff Richard CD single with some special nuggets for Olivia fans

The Long Box Battle in the US over the practice of 12" long packaging for CDs and how Olivia used it to campaign for the environment

Warm and Tender CD album -  promo box

Warm and Tender promotional cassette from the USA

Please Mr Please - UK flexi disc

Let Me Be There - Gold Record

Overseas miscellaneous EP and LP releases

Jukebox EP - rare 7" release of Let Me Be There

Heart Attack - Special DJ copy from the UK

Time Sheets - from the recording studio

Bootlegs some items which seem to be distributed through unusual channels...

Mock-up album cover - suggestion for possible cover for the Back With A Heart album (not used)

Back With a Heart CD interview - transcript

Back With A Heart promotional booklet

The Rumour CD interview - transcript

Grease interview CD - from Germany

Xanadu 1995 Remix - on Direct Hit CD

Physical 2003 Remix - from Belgium

One on "2"  - Australian interview/music CD

Ode to Olivia - Stella Parton (sister of Dolly Parton) made this record to support Olivia in 1974 when Olivia was taking some heat for winning the Country Music Association's  Top Female vocalist award.

Various artists albums - featuring just one track by Olivia