Or "pirates" as they are more accurately known. Nearly all of Olivia's music is available from Festival so fans don't collect these to get rare tracks, as a rule. Collectors are a compulsive lot, however... Obviously you can't necessarily believe the company name and indeed country of origin of these discs.

Greatest Hits Vol 2

2002, German 4301527


90s, CD, CTA/TF R- 050031, Japan,

Olivia Newton-John with John Travolta

2002, QSV 264, German

Super Star Hit Collection

CD Japan

Olivia Newton-John with John Travolta

2001, Universe/FNM 3826, German

Super Star Hit Collection

CD Japan

Angel In The Morning

2000, CD, Sonotec GMBH, PS 95613, German or Italian

Big Artist Flash Olivia Newton-John

CD, Japan, 1989

Greatest Hits

2000, CD, D & I Music, JN 1003-2, Australian

Take Me Home Country Roads

CD, Fortune 3150, US/German?, late 80s

Greatest Hits (Mexico)

2000, CD Mexico

Banks of The Ohio (two separate releases/covers)

UK, Success and Tring labels, late 80s

Best of Artist Section - Olivia Newton-John

CD, Nihon Audio CA 10040, Japan

Greatest Hits

Japan, 3"  6 tracks

Oriental Gems, Cliff Richard

1994, CD, CDFR 0527, Italy

Diana Ross and Olivia Diana Ross and Olivia Newton-John

CD, CX-1024, Japan. Year unknown

Olivia Newton-John, Let Me Be There/Jolene

1991, CD, CTA, Singapore

Olivia and Tom Jones

1982, LP, Entropy Records TLA 50138, USA

Get Physical (two separate releases)

early 90s bootlegs of Olivia's 1982 live concert

Tom & Olivia

1982, LP,  TLA 50139, USA

Angel of the Morning

1982, LP TLA-50137

Olivia Newton-John

1999, CD, Cartier, RCD- 40044, Indonesia

Best of  the Best

Japan, LP, Seagull Records SYD-005

Very Best Of

2005, DICD-01050

Xanadu - Brazil

Not performed by Olivia!

Live in concert DVD

2003 Korea (of 1982 live concert)


Grease - Brazil

Not performed by Olivia!

Olivia Newton-John Live DVD

2006 Germany (of 1982 live concert)