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three music video singles from Two of a Kind and two videograms from Greatest Hits Vol 2

also released on video, and the tracks can be found on the Video Gold DVD


  1. Twist of Fate
  2. Take a Chance
    Duet with John Travolta
  3. Livin' in Desperate Times
  4. Shaking You
  5. Heart Attack
  6. Tied Up

Directed by: Brian Grant, except Track 2, by David Mallet
Executive Producer: Roger Davies
Produced by: Chrissie Smith and Frank Hilton
Music Producer: David Foster (Tracks 1-4) and John Farrar Tracks 5 & 6)

©1982, 1983 Olivia Newton-John

M.M.G.M. Producetion for Olivia Newton-John

MCA Home Video
24 Minutes
CX Encoded

thanks to Blaine Young of the Blam Entertainment Group for details