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These DVDs include tracks from Olivia's live 1982 concert  filmed during her Physical tour. Also included are tracks from her 1981"Physical" video, the 1985 "Soul Kiss" video and the 1983 "Twist of Fate" video.

As a nice bonus included are the videos of I Need Love, Reach Out for Me, Can't We Talk It Over In Bed and I Honestly Love You from 1998.

The picture and sound quality on the live concert tracks, in particularly, show that they have obviously used the original early 80s VHS.

This was released in Europe in October 2005 - cover here, also released in Japan - cover here and Argentina - cover here

Promo leaflet

thanks to Frederic Brillouet

Promo leaflet

Volume I

Deeper Than The Night
A Little More Love
Totally Hot
Carried Away
A Little More Love - (Version II)
The Promise (The Dolphin Song)
Love Make Me Strong
Stranger's Touch
Make A Move On Me
Silvery Rain
Hopelessly Devoted To You
Let Me Be There (Live)
Please Mr. Please (Live)
If You Love Me, Let Me Know (Live)

Volume 2

Twist Of Fate
Take A Chance
Livin' In Desperate Times
Shakin' You
Heart Attack
Tied Up
Soul Kiss
Culture Shock
Emotional Triangle
Toughen Up
The Right Moment
The Rumour
Can't We Talk It Over In Bed
Reach Out For Me
I Need Love
I Honestly Love You (1998)
Sam (Live)
Suddenly (Live)
You're The One That I Want (Live)
Xanadu (Live)

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Released (US): August 30 2005
Catalog Numbers (US): B0004087-09/B0005247-09
NTSC, region 1

Released (UK/Europe/Australia): Oct 24 2005
NTSC  region 2-6
Catalog Number (UK/EU): 

Released (Japan) Oct 2005
Catalog Number (Japan): UIBO-1078/9.

Released (Argentina) Nov 2005
Catalog numbers (Argentina): 2103865/ 9884148

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