I used to run Only Olivia many years ago and was a little saddened to read this. I have recovered the archives and I'm restoring this online because I missed it.

Only Olivia is now just the website, but one that retains the depth of material that's been built up over 20 years and can serve fans with that history. Olivia hasn't given up on her fans - she is still singing for us. Here are some live pics of her from the UK in 2013, thanks to Kay!

concert photo concert photo concert photo concert photo concert photo concert photo

Olivia live in London last year more Olivia live

Fan Club Only Olivia closed

this was the announcement and last transmission posted to the mailing list on Sept 4 2011

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, effective Saturday morning, Sept. 3, the Only Olivia Web Site and Message Board have been closed. It has been a long and fun journey over 17 years - what a ride! But the time has come to shut it down. Olivia's career has definitely slowed down over the past 2 years, and there has just not been enough to add to the site or to discuss on the board to justify the cost of the site. We had planned to close it in December 2010, but when many fans voiced hurt and shock, we kept it open for an additional 8 months. Many of those vocal fans had offered financial contributions to help, but after an initial few came in, they soon stopped. We are very grateful for the fans who did help, and who made many important contributions over the years!

We would like to thank Olivia for all of her support - We love you and have enjoyed your career over the years!! Best of luck to you and yours!

Cheers, and love and light to all,

The Staff of Only Olivia