Grease 80s UK release. click to enlarge UK early 80s release click to enlarge US 1998 re-release click to enlarge US 98 limited issue showing extras. click to enlarge

The most successful movie musical of its time, Grease was first released on home video in the 80s.

In 1998 it was re-released, digitally remastered, for its 20th anniversary. With widescreen version as well as the normal version available the 20th anniversary video contained bonus interviews with John Travolta, Olivia and other cast members.

The US video was released in limited version with a Grease megamix picture single and a booklet containing the script.

Total running is 105 minutes, VHS format.

CIC video VHR 2417 (UK 80s release)
Paramount 011802 (US 1998 20th anniversary  release)
Paramount 154463 (US 1998 widescreen  20th anniversary release)
CIC/Paramount VHR 4695 (UK 1998 20th anniversary release)
CIC/Paramount VHR 4723 (UK 1998 widescreen 20th anniversary release)

A Laserdisc was issued in the 1980s. A DVD released in 2002