The Man From Snowy River: The MacGregor Saga

Initial airdate: 1994
Initial broadcaster: Nine
Country of production: AU
Duration: 45 mins/episode
Type: Acting

Olivia starred in 3 episodes of this Australian TV series from 1994. It was one of her first TV appearances since her recovery from breast cancer. The episodes Olivia's in are: Servant of the People (briefly); The Search and The Lost Child. Olivia plays a major role in the last two episodes.
It's quite a feisty role: Olivia plays Joanna Walker a single, independent woman looking for her lost father then her brother. She tames horses, mends horsecarts and rescues children. Quite a woman considering it's set back in 1892! Plus Olivia sings briefly (Lullaby, Hush My Baby).
This popular series aired also in the USA (Family Channel) and in Europe. This is now available on DVD from Australia.

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Page 2 photos

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