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A Special Olivia Newton-John

Olivia's first TV special for American TV. Olivia is charming, sweet and more than happy to make fun of herself: laughing at her "clean living" image and "inviting" the critic Rona Barrett to criticise her clothes and the TV set.

A running gag throughout the Special is the inability for Olivia to get any guest stars. Wonderwoman is too busy fighting crime; Ron Howard and Tom Bosley threaten to sing if they appear and Lee Majors instead decides to do his own TV Special. Only Elliott Gould seems willing until they start to talk contracts and terms. Of course the clever joke is that all these stars appear on Olivia's special.

It's difficult to find a decent copy of this special, although the producer films a lot of tight close-ups on Olivia's beautiful face and this works well.

Favorite line: "If I ever met a man who was like an animal I'd marry him in a minute"

Look out for: Jackson, Olivia's red setter, when she's horse riding along the beach.

Best moment: Olivia dressing up and singing songs from 1900s to the 60s.


Initial airdate: 1976
Initial broadcaster: ABC
Country of production: US
Duration: 52 mins
Type: TV Special

Songs Performed by Olivia

Love Song
Don't Stop Believin'
Pony Ride
Feeling Too Good Today
Anything Goes
Every Little Moment (?)
World's Gone Mad today
42nd Street
Shoo Shoo Baby
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Love Is Alive
As Time Goes By
Please Mr Please
Have You Never Been Mellow
Let Me Be There
Let It Shine
I Honestly love you

Special Guests

Elliott Gould
Lee Majors
Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman)
Rona Barrett
Ron Howard
Tom Bosely

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