Although Craterface was driving for the T-Birds on other side with Hell's Chariot, it's good to see one of the cars in the race finale of Grease back on the road. Looks like it took a lot of loving restoration. It's a pretty awesome piece of work.


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This is the first time this car has been offered to the public since the release of the most successful musical in motion picture history! The iconic and the ultimate "bad boy" car.

This auction is for the actual, documented and verified Mercury from the biggest grossing musical in the history of motion pictures! Of all the star cars from the movie, this is the ONLY one that exists and in private hands. Lost for nearly 30 years, it was found last year as basically just a shell. After the car was purchased, it was verified by the original builder of the cars for the movie, Eddie Paul of Customs by Eddie Paul. Eddie is a legend in the Hollywood community! The car was then taken to "The Shop" of Palm Desert, Ca. Owner Dan Condon was entrusted to do a complete restoration to just the way it appeared in the movie, but MUCH nicer fit and finish. The body had NO rust, and the finished product is beyond any of our expectations! It is a 1949 with a 1950 grill. We have the original exhaust tips that were in the movie. Recreated "Scorpion" stickers on both doors. The razor hubcaps have been meticulously recreated. We also recreated the 3 feet longer versions that cut into the side of John Travolta's car in the final race scene. They are included. We also have the original bent front bumper that was on the car when it rear ended Travolta's car. An original 1949 255 Mercury engine was rebuilt, as well as the manual tranny with overdrive. The car runs and drives great! Brand new period and movie correct Firestone tires installed, as well as the Firestone stickers on the wing windows. Recreated original license plates. There are many, many stories about the movie that we will share with the new owner that ties it all together, including on how the car was located! The car has been shown recently for the first time, and the response was amazing! People flipped!…

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