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Olivia is featured on this Shadows' album for the track The Day I Met Marie. She plays the ethereal and unattainable Marie well, singing one line "Baby, go to sleep now. Baby, go to sleep now" fading to reverb. The CD booklet says this was her UK recording debut but in fact her one-off single for Decca in 1966 was her UK debut.

This album first released at the end of 1967 was re-issued and remastered on CD on The Best Goes On label in the 1990s and The Shadows Vocals.

A few years later Olivia played the recorder on one track for Shadows' members 1973 album Marvin and Farrar

Also to be found on: "The Shadows Vocals" LP EMI (UK) EG 26 0075 1 (stereo);   EMI / UK SEECD-475 (1984 and 1997 CD)
The Shadows Collection" CDx3 EMI/MfP/Trio (UK) 8 52621 2 - 8 52623 2 inc (stereo).

With thanks to Jim Nugent and Jim Roy, and Kay for the scans


  1. Snap, Crackle and How's Your Dad
  2. Evening Glow
  3. A Thing Of Beauty
  4. Naughty Nippon Nights
  5. The Wild Roses
  6. San Francisco
  7. The Letter
  8. The Tokaido Line
  9. Holy Cow
  10. Alentejo
  11. Last Train To Clarksville
  12. Let Me Take You There
  13. The Day I Met Marie one line sung by Olivia)
  14. A Better Man Than I

Original Release

  • Format: LP
  • Date: 1967
  • Country: UK
  • Label: EMI Columbia Records
  • Catalog: SCX 6199

Other Releases

  • Format: CD
  • Date: 1990
  • Country: UK
  • Label: Beat Goes On Records
  • Catalog: BGOCD20
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