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A French small edition dance club release CD. It has an unusual track by Olivia, You're the One That I want, sung as a duet with the French singer Francis Lalanne. Olivia went to France to do some promotion for Gaia late in 1995, and this song was one of the by-products.

If you haven't got this one, don't worry too much - one for the ardent collectors only. Olivia and Francis voices aren't ideally matched IMO... The rest of the CD is dance music with a Gallic feel.


  1. Salva Mea (Faithless)
  2. I'm a sleazy pervert (Pussy)
  3. I want you by my side (Technotronic)
  4. Say up and down (Echo Bass)
  5. You and I (Club house feat Carl)
  6. Wrap me up (Alex Party)
  7. Get down Saturday night '96 (Oliver Cheatmam)
  8. Walk (Nefertiti)
  9. Bzzz (La Mouche)
  10. Yes Yes (Milkshake feat Jermain J)
  11. Boom Boom Boom (The outhere brothers)
  12. Got to get house (Axess)
  13. Gangsta's Paradise (G. Project)
  14. 1,2,3 train with me (Playahitty)
  15. Children (Vocie of dream)
  16. Wiwang Wacipi (Indians)
  17. I want you back G'N'P
  18. Time is right (Veronika)
  19. Dangerous (Mercedes)
  20. I wanna see you (Rozelyne Clarke)
  21. Music is moving (brothers of sound)
  22. Too Good (Snoopy)
  23. Body and soul (Between Lovers)
  24. Bing Bing Boom (Sisters n brothers)
  25. You're The One That I Want (Olivia Newton-John & Francis Lalanne)

Original Release

  • Format: CD
  • Date: 1996
  • Country: France
  • Label: East West
  • Catalog: CA 851 / 50577
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