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Released in Australia in 2006 this contains a 11 minute Olivia interview from 1985 with Molly Meldrum. A Countdown book was also released in Australia.

Olivia didn't do much media for the Soul Kiss album due to being pregnant at the time. She even admits in the interview that she isn't doing as much publicity as the record company would probably like her to do. Olivia also admits that the album had been in the works since 1984. It's a shame it wasn't released earlier when Olivia was able to promote more.

Molly asks Olivia to describe the image of Soul Kiss, Olivia laughs, slightly embarrassed, describing it as "kind of erotic. Sensual." The album is more up tempo than her other albums, Olivia had said that about the Totally Hot and Physical albums so there's a increasing curve here.

Molly asks her about the current hot female artists of the time: Cindy Lauper and Madonna who she of course admires and likes, describing their individuality and strength. Tina Turner, who's also managed by Roger Davis, her manager at the time, also comes in for praise due to her energy and hectic tour schedule.

Molly asks about her favorite songs and for once she doesn't mention I Honestly Love You but instead Suspended in Time and Don't Cry For Me Argentina.

Australia release
Label: ABC audio
Date of release: 2006

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